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The Best Internet Security Software

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Cybercrime has become one of the most alarming things in the recent years. It has become much harder to protect your data, information and bank accounts. Considering that majority of work we perform through intent connection, this situation gives a lot of space to intruders to attack us at any moment. If you have been targeted, it will be hard to stop the attack, but at least you can make your intruder suffer a bit. It is one of the reasons, why you should have a powerful anti – virus protection. In this article, we are going to review the Kaspersky Total Security 2017.

Costs and what’s covered?

Kaspersky AntivirusKaspersky company makes one of the best anti – virus software in this industry. The starting list price $40 per year, for one PC, but if you want to secure three computers, you are required to pay $60. As it happens with most antivirus products, from time to time, you can find deep discounts with other online retailers, and often on the Kaspersky site itself. If you want to cover three devices, which will be Windows, Mac, and Android, you will have to pay $80, and for five devices total security is listed for $100.

Antivirus protection

Kaspersky antivirus uses the scanning engine to root our malware. The software combines traditional signature matching of known malware while continuously monitors your system for behavior or suspicious code which can indicate an infection. If a new malware is found in your system, the copy is directly uploaded to Kaspersky data base for further analysis. The signature is later transferred to company’s 400 million users, to protect their PC and recognize the intrusion. The user can perform the scan from his home page in two clicks; the full scan involves inspection of everything that can be infected.

Antivirus performance


The Kaspersky scanning is thorough and efficient, seizing almost all corrupted files and malware. Based on the research conducted in Germany, every day Kaspersky managed to catch malware, detected by the heuristic monitoring and as well as every widespread piece of malware detected by signature matching. This lab found similar results when they tested Kaspersky on Windows 7. This antivirus program will protect your data and make your online shopping much secure and reliable, in case you are afraid that someone will steal your many or bank account data.