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The Best Internet Security Software

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Cybercrime has become one of the most alarming things in the recent years. It has become much harder to protect your data, information and bank accounts. Considering that majority of work we perform through intent connection, this situation gives a lot of space to intruders to attack us at any moment. If you have been targeted, it will be hard to stop the attack, but at least you can make your intruder suffer a bit. It is one of the reasons, why you should have a powerful anti – virus protection. In this article, we are going to review the Kaspersky Total Security 2017.

Costs and what’s covered?

Kaspersky AntivirusKaspersky company makes one of the best anti – virus software in this industry. The starting list price $40 per year, for one PC, but if you want to secure three computers, you are required to pay $60. As it happens with most antivirus products, from time to time, you can find deep discounts with other online retailers, and often on the Kaspersky site itself. If you want to cover three devices, which will be Windows, Mac, and Android, you will have to pay $80, and for five devices total security is listed for $100.

Antivirus protection

Kaspersky antivirus uses the scanning engine to root our malware. The software combines traditional signature matching of known malware while continuously monitors your system for behavior or suspicious code which can indicate an infection. If a new malware is found in your system, the copy is directly uploaded to Kaspersky data base for further analysis. The signature is later transferred to company’s 400 million users, to protect their PC and recognize the intrusion. The user can perform the scan from his home page in two clicks; the full scan involves inspection of everything that can be infected.

Antivirus performance


The Kaspersky scanning is thorough and efficient, seizing almost all corrupted files and malware. Based on the research conducted in Germany, every day Kaspersky managed to catch malware, detected by the heuristic monitoring and as well as every widespread piece of malware detected by signature matching. This lab found similar results when they tested Kaspersky on Windows 7. This antivirus program will protect your data and make your online shopping much secure and reliable, in case you are afraid that someone will steal your many or bank account data.

The Top Five Car Technologies We Can Expect By 2020

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In the tech world, not all innovations are related to computers and software; we have new things happening in the automotive industry as well. Tesla and Google are trying to manufacture the first driverless car, the design and shape of cars are changing by the day, and many automotive companies are exploring the safety standards and try to create cars which will be safer and have a bigger resistance to impact. In the future, we can expect many great things to happen, but for now, let’s focus on 2020 and what car industry can bring us?

Autonomous cars

Autonomous Cars

The term autonomous car isn’t the same like fully autonomous vehicle. There is one significant difference; it might take us years before we can expect for cars to drives us anywhere, without human oversight. By 2020, the manufacturers will develop something that will resemble this technology, but, it will still need the human assistance. Most likely, it will be a rural interstate with minimal variables.

Override system

It as well relates to autonomous technology, but it’s different in a way when car disregards your commands on purpose and makes its own decisions. With some cars, we already have this semi functions when they apply the brakes when you fail. But, with new vehicles, they will push the brakes, even when you have your leg on a gas pedal. This is the new safety protocol we discussed earlier. In the future, the cars will be able to recognize the danger and act against your commands, to protect you.

Biometric access

In the recent years, we have been the whiteness of shift from the keys to keyless entries. In the future, we expect you will be able to unlock and start your car only with the fingerprint, or maybe with an eyeball if we talk about more advanced techniques. It looks like a smartphone security concept. It will increase the level of safety, and it will be harder to steal someone’s property.

Active window display

So far, we have seen pretty impressive technology and cool gadget inside the cars. But, by the 2020 windows will be able to view vibrant images. For example, imagine navigation system which points out the nest turn seen from your perspective, through the windshield.

Remote shutdown

Remote shutdown

This technology already exists, but still, it hasn’t been introduced to the bigger audience. In the last couple of years, companies were able to shut down hundreds of stolen cars and stop the police chase, saving a lot of time and effort. This technology is supported with GPS tracking so that owners can know the exact location of their cars. By 2020 a remote shut down will enter the social circles.

The Latest Technologies In Printing Industry

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In the last couple of years, steady pace of technology has been changing many established ways for accomplishing assignments and finishing projects. The printing industry is a perfect example of these implementing new things and innovations. In order remain competitive, both small businesses and major corporations are encouraged to learn new tools and update the knowledge constantly to achieve a better position in the market, especially in machine and software industry. The newest print devices have spiked the interest of the public and managed to raise a big hype. In this article, we are going to discuss the things we can expect in the future.

Digital inkjet printing

Digital inkjet printing

Offset printing has been used long in industry standards, but in the recent years, we have noticed a significant drop due to the longer printing time and the higher expenses/ We now have inkjet printers for commercial use which are more efficient, faster, reliable and are quickly taking the place of offset printers. Let’s make a comparison: a high – speed inkjet printer can print around 4,500 words per minute and considering the rate for images and graphics, they are not that far behind. We now have three – dimensional graphic designs which are printed with more realistic depth.

3D printing rise

3D PrintingThe process of printing is no longer dependent on only of a flat sheet of paper and ink – it can be achieved through rendering 3D objects from raw materials. With everything said, 3D printers have caught the attention of an audience and many manufacturing companies are taking the turn into this direction. On the market, we can find and purchase low – cost 3D printers, which was not the case in the past, when they first appeared. As more and more people want the unique displays, many design companies can utilize these printers for their purposes.

Software innovations

A broad range of options and tools are available now for printing software which takes the printing to the whole new level. By providing easier workflow, better compatibility and teamwork among designers, this software has revolutionized a print industry. With the use of 3D tools that enable the designers to create objects, without previous computer knowledge, can change how we operate and run our businesses. Even if you start a 2D printed project, it can be done with less time, and it is more cost – efficient. The need for offset printer is declining slowly, and if you choose to invest money in a printing software, the learning way might a bit steeper, but the benefits will come soon.

Hybrid print technologies

In spite of the fact that technology is developing fast,  we don’t have to turn to digital technologies in a fortnight. We can integrate digital and offset process due to a computer – to – print – plate automation. Thanks, this technology, users can send created image files to electronic plates, which recognize them. Desktop scanners possess the very similar technology. Based on the improvement in this area, hybrid technology can produce many realistic and complex projects featuring many different colors and variations.