Sumpod Mega


The SUMPOD MEGA is an ALUMINIUM SUMPOD with a build area of 600x600x600mm.


  • Sumpod MegaDual Z and X axis to maintain speed and strength.
  • Larger 16×4 Display
  • 600x600x600 build size (bigger sizes available)
  • Machines size is 860x860x860
  • PLA And ABS
  • <0.02mm mechanical resolution
  • <0.1mm layers
  • 0.4mm nozzle( other sizes up to 1mm being developed)
  • Optional 6 nozzles, 1 supplied
  • Heated Bed

Sumpod mega is another great device from the Aluminum Sumpod family, and it features excellent options. If you require a safe machine that will work for a long time, then this product is perfect for your needs. Considering the specification, it has dual Z and X axis to maintain the speed and strength, a large 16×4 display and 600x600x600 size, although customers can pre – order a bigger size.

Sumpod Mega has a 0.02mm mechanical resolution, 0.1mm layers, and 0.4mm nozzle. This machine supports six additional nozzles, but you are only supplied with one. It also has a heated bed.

For the clients who decide to purchase this 3D printer, the company provides assembling on the site. Before you order Sumpod Mega, just make sure your location is provided.