Preorder Sumpod Printers

Sumpod printers have managed to build their name in this industry due to a high quality and reasonable prices. It is one of the reasons why we are almost always out of stock. We are the company which is always developing and improving our technologies, but for now, we are not able to deliver our products to the bigger audience.

If you are interested in purchasing a Sumpod printer, you can always preorder and get special terms and conditions. We are loyal to our customers, and we want to maintain a good relationship with them. As soon as the printer is available, our staff will notify you. In some parts of U.S., we perform on sight assembling, free of charge of course.

The areas our company doesn’t cover, we have provided a free landline, where you can reach us for any concerns you may have.

Sumpod Basic Medium

Sumpod Basic

Sumpod Basic

Sumpod Basic Aluminum

Sumpod Basic

Sumpod Basic Aluminium Fully Built

Sumpod Basic

Sumpod Basic Aluminium One Day Group Build

Sumpod Mega

Sumpod Mega Bgrade (3 Week Leadtime on kit)

Sumpod Original

Sumpod Original 2014

Sumpod Aluminium V2

Sumpod Sphere (Preorder 2015)