About Us

Sumpod FaviconSUMPOD Commerical Ltd  is a small company set up to offer low cost 3D Printer and CNCmachines. 

Our main aim is to produce machines that are different from standard 3D printers by concentrating on the design and build quality.

With this extra build strength both of our main machines, Basic and Aluminium, can also be used for light CNC routing.

Our future aim is to make each aspect of the SUMPOD experience better whilst refining each of our machine.

The Sumpod company has been on the market for some time now. The challenges we face and new technologies we create will revolutionize the printing industry. One of the biggest obstacles we managed to overcome is to build a 3D printer which is affordable to a wider audience, but still to provide the best results.

Considering our company is still under the development, and we fight to become a competition on the market, our experts were able to create one of the best devices in the 3D printing world. For the future, we have bigger goals, and better expectations and our company can guarantee you safe and reliable printers for home and industrial use.

We have a small team of educated experts, which are the best in this working filed and they aim to provide our clients the top products.