Sumpod Aluminium V2


The aim of this package is to leave SUMPOD with a fully self assembled and tested machine.

It is also the aim to have a greater knowledge of what makes a solid 3D printer.

The build will take place over a full day and includes the following:

  • An overview of the SUMPOD range of printers
  • A Step by Step build of a V2 Aluminium which is spread over one day by Phillipa and Richard
  • Drinks
  • Lunch (buffet)

Sumpod Aluminium V2

3D printers have managed to spike the interest of a bigger audience, by presenting the most advanced techniques. They are built to be beautiful but functional at the same time. The Sumpod Aluminum V2 comes with 0.4mm muzzle and mechanical resolution 0.02mm. The machine size is 420x400x400, which makes it suitable for almost any space. Rack and pinion on X and Y and trapezoidal lead screw on Z are other great options that this printer offers.

All the main parts are constructed of aluminum and steel, and it features 8mm roads and bearings. 20×4 LCD will provide the users to track the entire process of printing. The Sumpod aluminum V2 has a rotary encoder, and it can be upgradable up to 4 nozzles.