Sumpod Basic

The SUMPOD basic is a low cost 3D Printer and CNC machine which is made using MDF and supplied as a unpainted kit. It includes everything needed to build a 3D Printer and CNC machine capable of milling woods and plastics.

The design is a simplified version of the original SUMPOD. It is quite a simple kit and includes electronics that work with most open source 3d printer software. It is an excellent start in 3d printing and cnc.


  • Build area of 140x140x100
  • Overall Size of 290x290x360
  • Comes with Dremel Mount
  • Soldered Electronics

Kit Contents:

  • CNC Machined MDF PartsSumpod Basic
  • Fully Tested Soldered Electronics (Sanguinololu)
  • One SUMPOD Hotend
  • 12V 5A Power supply
  • 10mm Rods and Linear Bearings
  • 4 Nema 17 Motors
  • Set of Rack and pinions for X and Y
  • Trapezoidal Leadscrew for Z
  • Now include Aluminium Feeder
  • Lead time: 4 weeks
  • Painted example pictures courtesy of Kel Koop.

If you are in need of a 3D printer, then Sumpod Basic is the perfect choice for you. It is a low-cost printer and a CNC machine at the same time. It includes every operation capable of milling wood and plastics. The design is simplified version of an original Sumpod, and it features a simple kit which includes electronics that can match even the most open source 3D printer software.

The size of Sunpod Basic is 140x140x140, but the overall size is 290x290x360. It comes with Dremel Mount and soldered electronics. We are all aware that 3D printing is still new on the market and these types of devices can cost up to several hundred of dollars. But, if you purchase Sumpod Basic, you will get all in one at the reasonable price