New Metal Frame Sumpod Delta


A Delta 3D Printer, with less than 30 parts (excluding bolts and electronics).
Now with powder coated metal top and base (pictures to follow soon)
Delivery time on new orders will be 10 days.

Basic Specifications:

  • 180x180x180 Build area
  • 0.4mm Nozzle
  • Leadscrews on all axis to enable CNC use.

Kit Contents:

  • Fully Soldered Electronics
  • SUMPOD Extruder
  • Nema17 High Torque Motors
  • Linear Bearings and Shafts
  • Manual
  • Heatbed kit Addon Availbale soon.
  • Use the standard Mk2 Prusa PCB heatbed to enable printing with a variety of materials including ABS.

New Metal Frame Sumpod Delta

If you are concerned about the size and complexity that 3D printers may cause, then rest assured with the Sumpod Delta. This device has less and 30 part including electronics and bolts. With the new and improved metal top and base, the Sumpod Delta will provide its users the complete experience and reliable printing.

Considering the basic specification, the printer features 180x180x180 build area and a 0.4mm nozzle. It has lead screws of all axis to enable CNC use. The entire kit contains fully soldered electronics, Sumpod extruder, Nema17 high torque motors, linear bearings and shafts and user’s manual. You can use standard Mk2 Prusa PCB heat bed to enable printing with a variety of materials, including ABS.