Sumpod Mega 3.0


The SUMPOD MEGA is an ALUMINIUM SUMPOD with a build area of 600x600x600mm.


  • Dual Z and X axis to maintain speed and strength.
  • Larger 16×4 DisplaySumpod Mega 3.0
  • 600x600x600 build size (bigger sizes available)
  • Machines size is 860x860x860
  • PLA And ABS
  • <0.02mm mechanical resolution
  • <0.1mm layers
  • 0.4mm nozzle( other sizes up to 1mm being developed)
  • Optional 6 nozzles, 1 supplied
  • Heated Bed

Sumpod mega is the new revolutionized 3D printer which can change the conception of technology.  While featuring the most advanced option, this machine is built to be space consuming and efficient. The size of the Sumpod is 600x600x600, and it’s made of aluminum, which makes it extremely light weight. Dual Z and X axis maintain the speed and strength and large 16×4 display provides users excellent visibility for data operations. It has 0.02mm mechanical resolution and 0.1mm layers.

Users are provided with six optional nozzles, and the size of each nozzle is 0.4mm. We are currently developing the nozzles which will reach 1mm. The Sumpod Mega 3.0 also features heated bed. Our company is able to ship this product to a certain destination with an onsite installation.