Sumpod Buying Options


SUMPOD MDF Basic is a redesigned original SUMPOD without the LCD, SD Reader and Rotary Encoder but with the new nozzle and feeder and still with the strength and ability to mill as well as print. The redesign also makes assembly easier. The ideal starter kit. Requires assembly. See for videos and pictures showing the quality.

Aluminium SMALL and BIG come with SD reader, LCD and rotary encoder.

Dimensions 280x280x350 420x400x400
Build Area 140x140x100 240x240x150
LCD SIze N/A 16×2
Heated Bed N/A YES
Maximum Nozzles(Supplied Nozzles) 1 4(1)
Power Supply 12V/5A 12V/20A
Construction Material MDF ALUMINIUM
Estimated Delivery 4 week Lead Time 4 Week Lead Time

Depending on buyer’s preferences, Sumpod 3D printer comes in two different designs. There are quite a few differences between Sumpod Basic version and Sumpod Aluminum. First of them is the use, the Sumpod Basic is the bare striped version of Sumpod Aluminum, and it is intended for everyday users, on the other hand, the Sumpod Aluminum is used for more advanced purposes. The is a significant difference in price as well.

The Basic version of this printer has a smaller size, and it doesn’t feature LCD and heated bed. It has maximum one nozzle, and construction material is MDF. The Aluminum version is bigger, possesses LCD and heated, and it can have up to 5 nozzles. The building material is Aluminum, which makes this printer light – weight.